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Supplying Your Own Garments Verses Ordering from our Catalouge

We understand that there are many reasons why customers want us to embroider onto their personal items, for example from a simple keepsake, existing uniform, to specialist sportswear.  We have embroidered on them all.

So depending on what you require, this is what you need to know. The garments in our catalogue have been selected for their suitability for embroidery. Sometimes garments obtained elsewhere are impossible to fit embroidery frames into due to seams or inside pockets. We need to see each garment and confirm they are suitable on a case-by-case basis.  If required, we can offer a Deconstruct/ Reconstruct Service on your item, so that it is possible for the frame to fit into the garment. The Deconstruct/reconstruct Service is carried out by our highly experienced Seamstress.

We have to charge an additional fee our for embroidering onto your own garments, compared to ones we supply as there will be an extra level of sampling before embroidery takes place on your item.

While we take every care to avoid this happening, accidents do occur on occasion. Clothing supplied by us will be  replaced free of charge in the event of such accidents.  If anything goes wrong with any embroidery, that we apply to your garments (including, but not limited to: damage through machine faults, incorrect designs applied, sewn through pockets, garments sewn shut, oil marks on garments, etc.), we can’t replace garments or reimburse you for the garment that is damaged. Any embroidery onto your own garment is applied entirely at your own risk.

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